common questions

When is the best time to schedule maternity photos?
Generally, between 32-36 weeks is best but every momma is different. Once you see that rockin baby bump appear, you’re ready so it’s best to schedule your shoot between the 32-36 weeks period while knowing we can always adjust the date depending on how your baby grows.

What should I wear?
I want you to feel beautiful and comfortable so it’s good to choose clothes that inspire you to feel your very best in your maternity pictures. I really love to capture your gorgeous form so choosing outfits that accentuate your body is recommended. Try to avoid tank tops but if you do wear one it’s good to bring a cardigan or long jacket to layer over it. Solid colors work best and whichever color makes you feel most like yourself is a good choice. We’ll send over some inspiration boards to help you prepare and get excited for the shoot!

Why invest in professional hair and make-up?
Professional hair and make-up DO make a difference in maternity photos. I know this is a beautiful but stressful time in your life and hiring someone to do your hair and makeup for your shoot is a wonderful way to pamper yourself to that you don’t have to worry about it. If this isn’t in your budget, stores like MAC and Ulta can be helpful. If you do your own make-up, date night makeup works like a dream.

Do you offer Newborn Sessions or Baby’s First Year plan?
Yes! You can view details on my newborn photo sessions and baby plan HERE.

But I am feeling insecure about how I look during my pregnancy and I am not sure I want my picture taken?
This is a very natural and normal feeling that most mommas-to-be experience, especially with their first pregnancy. You are growing a little baby inside of your body and with that comes a lot of changes to your own body. I’ve been there and I completely understand. Through my lens I see these changes as absolutely miraculous and gorgeous and my number one priority as a professional photographer is to make you feel and LOOK your best during our time together. So, rest assured you will look gorgeous in your photographs.

Where does the session take place?
You choose an environment that is most inspiring to you. This could be your home, a park, where you got engaged, or any other place that has special meaning for you and your loved ones.
What happens during my session?
Your Denver maternity photography session will be a joyful, meaningful and comfortable experience. Before we begin, I will review a few key elements such as posing and interacting with your significant other or children so you have some direction. If your children are in the session I’ll take some time to get to know them so that they feel comfortable with me. I have games for them to play and I will never force them to do anything that doesn’t come naturally. My intention is for these sessions to be a fun experience for everyone involved, including your kiddos. I will guide you through some poses and aim to capture beautiful moments of interaction. It’s these little moments between you and your family that you will cherish forever.

What happens after my session?
Together we will schedule a time 2-3 weeks after your session date for you to come in for your reveal and viewing session.


If you have any further questions about family sessions please reach out and we would be happy to answer them. Thank you again and looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Warmly, Katie Van Buren