Wedding Albums

I always tell my clients when in their initial meeting how special their album will be.  It is the one lasting memory that they will have to carry with them from their wedding.  It is sometimes hard to imagine what it will really be like.  The big event hasn’t happened yet and my clients know it will be filled with memories.  Yet, until they see their own memories frozen in time through their photographs do they fully understand how much they want to have their album filled with every last memory.

It is so important to me that my clients not  only have incredible images from their wedding day, but that they also display them in a beautiful way.  I believe if I don’t create an album for my clients I am doing them a disservice.  I am an artist and I take pride in the way that my finished artwork is displayed and shared.  In addition creating a divine finished product is part of the creative efforts I am hired for.  I just received this email from one of my brides that saw her album for the first time.  I think she explains in a few simple sentences encompases the essense of what wedding albums are all about.

Hi Katie –

I just wanted to let you know our album arrived safely here on our doorstep Friday afternoon and we LOVE it!!!  It is even more beautiful than we ever could have imagined and I can’t thank you enough for taking such amazing photos of our special day, as well as compiling them in such a beautiful way so that we will have a marvelous keepsake and way to remember the wedding for the rest of our lives! 
Thank you!!

Here are a few examples of a flush mount wedding album.  The wedding I photographed for this album was at The Taharaa.

Photograph of wedding album

wedding album

wedding album

wedding album

Wedding Album



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